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Sorry - 7/5/11
if you guys noticed that there hven't been any videos that's because i've been making a new website called ZippyCoin, i'm still working on it you can signup at, I will not make it a link because I am still working on it, if you would like to signup, you may copy and paste it into your address bar, if you don't get there in time, you may not get an account because soon you will need to be invited.

Dsi Texting - 5/28/11
DsiTube.Net is proud to announce that people can soon send text messages from their Dsi.  On Dsi Texting you can choose your own area code, is it free.  YES! it's free.
Happy Texting!
check it out at

DoodlePaint - 5/22/11 is expecting an update on "Dsi Paint" in the expected update you can doodle on pictures or make your own pictures.  During the holidays there will be holiday related pictures you can doodle on and when it's not the holidays there will be just random pictures.

Commenting - 5/22/11 now has the commenting feature for it's videos so far the comments box is only on "Breakdancing Bear"  The commenting feature is part of the new site update included in the "new video page" so the changes will spread through the videos as soon as we can.

Ready. Set. Go! - 5/21/11
Do you need to time yourself, try using the stopwatch on your Dsi at or go to and click on "stopwatch"

Let's Vote! - 5/21/11
Now on DsiTube you can vote using the new Voting Central.  The Voting Central is for everybody, you don't even need an account to use it just go to or go do and click on "voting Central"

Bye Bye hosting - 5/21/11 has shut down DsiWebHosting due to the copyright issue of people using copyrights and Nintendo's copyrights and the   massive users that made our servers explode almost if you have an account  with DsiWebHosting it will be shut down.  If  you still want DsiWebHosting here are some things you can still use,, 000webhost, Google Sites, or Yola.

New Video Page! - 5/21/11
DsiTube updated the video page,       If you noticed that on some videos it looks similar to YouTube with the logo at the top and how many views the video has. The effect will start spreading through the videos as soon as we can, so far it has took effect on lawnmower man leaving the other videos with the old format.

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